It always helps to have the people on your side who are "in the know". A successful relationship with QVC is much more than just getting your product in. We will be your partner through all of the intricacies and QVC guidelines for Quality Assurance, labeling, packaging, shipping and insurance requirements. It is easy to be overwhelmed and it is our job to ease the burden. Once you get your product delivered, we will work with you (or other on air guests) to develop the best sales strategies to promote your product on air. Do you need demos, props, video, animation? We can help with that too. Let us be your local connection to the QVC community because we can be there when you can't. We have a "whatever it takes" attitude when it comes to our clients. We know what a huge task it is to have a product succeed on the world's #1 home shopping channel. Our 20 years of combined QVC experience can mean the difference between being on QVC once and being there for years to come.